Dasalee are sisters Stephanie Hazelton and Sheila Oldcroft, two textile artists based in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. They collaborate, together their individual skills in a unique way to produce their textile art.

In 2014 they set up their home studios. Taking their inspiration and passion from Irish wildlife, nature and places of interest, Stephanie and Sheila apply a combination of their hand painting, print making and embroidery embellishments to produce textile artwork pieces, which are both contemporary and yet still retains an element of traditional charm.

Hand crafted works include a range of mounted or framed pictures, greetings cards, lavender bags and bookmarks. All pieces are individually hand painted onto locally sourced 100% Irish linen.

All Pictures and Greetings Cards are signed by the artists.

Stockists include the Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre, who stock a wide range of our bespoke pieces depicting the stunning North Coast of Northern Ireland.

: Dasalee textile art use bio-degradable packaging.